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Something about Culture of Urban Gold presented by “Gold” site part of the Open International Joint-stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

You, of course, saw on our streets many of such people of indeterminate age in tattoos and with huge golden (in fact, more often gilded) chains completely. Anyone can make up his personal opinion whether it is beautiful or not. Gold is always beautiful, even when it went a lot beyond the appearance of a man. The urban culture with its Cuban chains is and you will not get anywhere from it, but it gives joy and entertainment to young people. Young hormones play and you just need to find yourself a “half” for life. On our site there is also a corner for such goods – this is also the life of GOLD.

Here we present you a brand of gold Urban Culture, born in Pittsburgh in the brains of two friends from childhood in 2014. They want to be the best of the best. Moreover, started with the US $200 friends do it.

“We really wanted to emphasize that we have things for everyone,” says one of them. “We just wanted everyone to feel that they can become part of a brand and really grow with our brand.”

“We are at the center of everything that matters to us,” he says. “Our goal is to turn it into a global brand.”

Now their company occupies the sixth floor of an office building on Broadway and has about 15 stores, including in London, Los Angeles, Germany, and Texas. Two friends did not forget the Pittsburgh where locally the products of the company sold at Threads on Carson on the south side.

“We want to stay true to Pittsburgh,” he says. “We want to inspire others to live like us and to follow dreams.”

Young, talented people have already established themselves as experienced designers.

Their store, which began with a couple of hundred dollars on the streets of Pittsburgh, has already grown into a global trend of urban culture for young people.

Without a doubt, any of the young people will find here a pleasant thing or a gift for a friend.

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Lifetime Guarantee – fades breaks or tarnishes & we replace/repair it free.

Free Worldwide Shipping.

More GOLD, VERY GOLD – From Gold Plated to Solid Gold we guarantee the highest quality.

Trusted by Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Future, Snoop Dogg, Ty $, A$ap Rocky, Bad Boyz, Playboy Carti, & many more.

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