Golden Hands

The story about Pablo Cimadevila  presented by “Gold” site part of the Open International Joint-stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

Admiring the jewelry, we never think about how and who made them. But it is also part of the life of Gold. Therefore, we want to show you how and what to do in Gold. This is a very interesting story. After seeing it you will not regret the time spent. Maybe you should try to make something out of GOLD. It shines beautifully and in the hands of good people turns into a song. So, enjoy the work of Jewelers. The truth is not always professional, but with GOLDEN hands.

Pablo Cimadevila – Wizard of the GOLD and Not Only!

Pablo Cimadevila
The real luxury for me, is being able to tell the stories behind each jewel
The MOST VALUABLE PIECE I have ever created
Published at 2020, May 12
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