Several Words About the Fake Gold

The Story about the Fake Gold presented by “Gold” site part of the Open International Joint-stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

You obviously do not know that to extract gold is much more difficult than a diamond of the same weight. This, of course, is a big problem for gold hunters, but for a simple person who decides to buy the gold bar or a bullion coin (this applies to all precious metals without exception), the most serious problem is fraud, fake.

Counterfeit gold sold cheaper on AliExpress, on eBay, on some nice looking sites. As a rule, all these fakes made in China and not only in China.

In the video below, you will see, that sometimes the “fake” gold may be clearer, and then the “normal” is. It is almost impossible to distinguish fake bullion or a coin, even very old looking, from a real one without special tools. 

Therefore, it is better not to buy too cheap things on Chinese or even American super large marketplaces. Do not buy gold from some incomprehensible mints.

The most protected in this plan and the cleanest in terms of the purity of the metal are Canadian coins and Canadian bars. All Canadian products from 2015 have a special laser tag (which China forges, too!).

If you decide invest in gold, you should not buy products of large weight at once. It is not economically profitable; the price for small bars is always higher than for large ones, including sales.

Buy a scale, a metal gauge, a magnet, a test bar, and an acid to make tests at home, or asking for the test in some special places. It will be cheaper than losing a lot of money on a fake. Watch the video on this page and you will understand the urgency of the problem. We hope that this page will help you. We will put here more videos about different fake precision metals goods. We will put here some links for fake products in the markets. Do not hesitate to come here sometimes to watch all these materials. We hope it will help you well.

Finally, do not think that only China make some fake gold bars. I think that ALL mints do some interesting work sometimes. Gold is so interesting metal, that can destroy imperium and big countries, to defraud you for him is not a work at all. If you will buy gold, buy it with small bullion it will be more costly, but you will sell one more easily after.

Make a fake with small bullion more complicated at least.